Why are you not making the income you desire

Why are you not making the income you desire?

No matter where you are in your practice, you probably do not feel like you are making the income you truly desire. This can look differently depending where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

Maybe you are just getting started in you practice, and you don’t want to waste time getting a full load of clients as quickly as possible so you can pay those bills on-time!

Or you already have a practice, but your schedule is only half booked. You want to fill you schedule and have a more steady income.

Or your business has been established for months or years. You already have a full schedule and maybe even a waitlist. But you are not making the big bucks you thought you would.

You want more… maybe you even need more.

If you are just starting a business, you want to be able to pay your bills and office rent immediately.

If you’re already starting your practice, you want a full load of clients with an eager waiting list to fill your pocket book.

If your business is well established you want to make more money without feeling burnt out on your already full load.

You want to make more income, but you’re not sure how.

So what are the obstacles that are in your way?

1. Starting your own business can be a touch scary. You’re afraid of the risks and commitment it takes to start and scale your own business.

2. You are afraid to seem pushy or sleazy in your sales tactics. Who likes selling themselves? Certainly, not you.

3. You are afraid to raise your prices. You’re afraid of the possible rejection that it could cost your business.

Here are some things to focus on to release those obstacles from your business life.

Here are some things to focus on to release those obstacles from your business life.

1. Act before you feel ready. I often equate having a business to having a baby. You are never ready for business parenthood. There will always be set-backs, up-sets and fires to put out. It’s not about being ready, it’s about being willing.

2. Practice will help your confidence. There are lots of different strategies you can employ. Practicing will strengthen your techniques, results and confidence in marketing and sales.

3. It could be time for an extensive audit of your business. Auditing your business finances, your customers journey and client experience will inch you closer to more profit in your business.

Lastly, it’s important to get out of your own way. So often we self-sabotage our efforts. It’s great to have a community to keep you accountable. And Start Massage Biz is happy to be here for you.

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