When Your Marketing strategy Doesn’t Add Up

When Marketing Advise Doesn’t Add Up

Not all marketing advise is the same. You’ve heard it before.

Just pass out your business cards.

Just set up a massage chair at a local farmer’s market, health conference or doctor’s office and give away massage for free. Maybe you’ll get some good tips.

Or just sign up for Groupon to get those first initial clients. You don’t have to do it forever.

And what happens?

You give away your time and energy for free or for dirt cheap.

And when you sell your services for next to nothing (or even nothing) in the name of getting clients in the first place, you can’t pay for rent or bills.

Why don’t these marketing tactics work?

Offering your services for nothing or next to nothing attracts clients that want cheap services. These are the type of client that won’t come for service unless there’s a deal.

And if you stopped to do the math, you’d realize that you can’t live off the price you are setting your services at.

What if, you took the opposite approach? What if you used your specialized knowledge to find clients that can afford normal or even premium rates.

What if, instead of trying to see everyone you limited you clients to those that would truly benefit from your expertise.

Instead of burning out by seeing more and more clients for any reason other than they want a cheap deal, you specialized in clients that were truly committed to their healing.

Does this mean that you cannot give? No.

You can still give back, but you will know how much giving you can truly afford. You can also make sure that giving will benefit you as well or a win/win situation, instead of just give/give situation. 

So, what do you need to do to make sure that your marketing strategies will really work for you.

Do the math. You need to really sit down with your finances and know exactly how to price your services. Often business owners far under-estimate what their true expenses are. This is why they are always behind in bills.

Our newest course, The Massage & Bodywork Business Accelerator, is coming out soon. In these online course, we online an 8-step plan to help you Pinpoint Your Pricing. You will know exactly how to gauge your true expenses, determine factors in the market place, and add discount price to drive sells (if you choose to).

You will also learn marketing strategies that work in the long run, and not one that just burn you out before you even get started.

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