When You Don’t Know How to “Sell” Yourself

When You Don’t Know How to “Sell” Yourself

Many wellness professionals that I’ve spoken to all have a common complaint. They don’t know how to “sell” themselves. While it does take a lot of leg work to build up a bodywork practice and get the business going, that’s only half the battle. 

If you’re not closing the deal with clients as much as you need to, it could be time to look at your brand messaging and marketing tactics. Knowing how to effectively “sell” your business is a huge key to success.

Read on to find out how you can find greater prosperity with your business! (And discover how to “sell” your business correctly.)

it's not about you

It’s Not You, It’s Your Business

Remember to separate yourself from your business. You’re not the product. (So it’s not actually yourself that you have to “sell”.) 

Perhaps you are providing a service or selling a product. But you are not the product of your business. It can be all too easy to take acceptance or rejection personally, but it’s important to consciously avoid doing that. 

Just because prospects do or do not want your services or products, it does not mean they do or do not like you as a person. You are not your business.

Prepare Your Messaging

Many practitioners feel like they don’t know how to “sell” because they are not prepared with a sales pitch. 

Marketing your services and products takes careful thought and preparation. So it’s always best to have an idea of how the sales process is going to go before you open the doors to your customers!

You should absolutely know ahead of time:

  • Whom you are serving
  • What their needs and pain points are
  • What the features of your services and products are
  • And what your price point is and why

It often helps if you create an ideal customer avatar to cater your pitch to so that you can narrow down how you interact with your target audience.

Asking for the Sale

Another conventional mistake practitioners are making is that they never actually ask for the sale! 


At the end of your sales routine, you should come to the pitch. If you’re going to wind them up, you’ve got to throw the ball! 


You need to ask if customers would like to follow through with either booking a service or buying the product. It doesn’t matter how formal or informal the interaction is. Regardless, it’s always important to remind them that they can purchase your products.


Having a call to action (CTA) dramatically increases the likelihood that you’ll make a sale. Without a clear CTA, you could be losing potentially willing customers. They only needed the extra push to purchase your products or services.

Study Up

Of course, there are time-tested methods and techniques to the art of selling. 

Asking people outright to buy your product may not always prove as useful as employing strategic marketing methods. 

Marketing is a whole speciality that one can earn advanced degrees in. If you are in charge of marketing your business, then it will definitely benefit you to takes some webinars, classes or courses on the matter. 

(If taking online courses appeals to you, definitely keep reading until the end to learn more about the courses we offer here at Start Massage Biz!)

If marketing is really hard for you or as your business grows, you may consider outsourcing this job to a professional.



Several years ago, I took an 11-week business planning class. Twice a week, our professor had us stand up in front of the whole class and give our “elevator pitch”. You can bet that by the end of that class, I had that speech memorized. 

Practice your sales pitch before reaching out to potential clients. You can even ask your friends or family to listen to your pitch and ask for constructive feedback. 

Soon you’ll feel completely at ease when you practice and refine your business messaging.

Take Courses on Branding

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and “sell” yourself with some serious skill?

If you’re eager to equip yourself with all the best tips and tricks that’ll take your business to success, look no further!

In our course on creating a cohesive brand for your massage therapy business, you will learn the following:

  • Discover your niche market 
  • Hone in on your ideal customers
  • Claim an available business name that’s right for you
  • Create a clear brand message
  • Cultivate a consistent logo, color scheme, and typography

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