The Fast Track to Fully Booked

The Fast Track to Fully Booked

When starting out a wellness practice, it can seem difficult to get fully booked. And even with marketing and special promotions, it’s always crucial to make sure you’re covering all your bases. 

Understandably, it can be even more challenging to schedule clients with the current regulations that wellness practices need to follow. So knowing how to make your business stand out and appear reliable to potential customers is now more critical than ever.

If you’ve just started your wellness practice or are in a bit of a slump when it comes to getting clients, these 5 steps will put you on the fast track to being amply booked. Get ready to start booking clients left and right!

1. Stay Exclusive

Scarcity breeds wanting. And if you’re looking to get your wellness practice fully booked, you’re going to want to offer something unique. A way to make your practice more desirable to potential clients is offering something that they won’t easily be able to find anywhere else.

Make your wellness practice exclusive by either becoming an expert in a specific niche or creating a signature offering. By niching down in your wellness practice, you’ll have much less competition if you provide exactly what your target audience is searching for.

Once you know your ideal customers and what they’re willing to pay for, you can always niche down even further to command more for what you offer.

Provide a Transformation

2. Guarantee a Transformation

Creating a tangible program that offers results is a great way to get fully booked. This can be for individuals, group offerings, or whatever fits in best with your wellness practice.

At the end of the day, people like results. So if you can lay down a tried and true step-by-step to beneficial change and market it correctly, people will be lining up for your services.

If you go with this tip, make sure to connect with each customer personally and create a result in their lives. By making a lasting, positive difference for clients, you’ll ensure even more clients in the future. 

3. Put Your Current Clients On Repeat

If you’re looking to fill up your future bookings, you could also create some marketing directed towards your current clients. Just because you’ve already closed the deal with your customers doesn’t mean that they can’t come back!

For example, you could just have clients pay a premium upfront for your promotion. But you could also offer a subscription model, such as a monthly membership to keep your customers coming back. You could even offer exclusive deals within your subscription package to incentivize signing up.

Whichever method you choose, you should make sure to know when your clients should have the results they’re looking for. And make sure to help them cross the finish line to ensure the integrity of your process. 

The more success stories you can create, the more people will want in on your services!

4. Create Space for Newcomers

Retaining repeating clients is always helpful to a business. And a program such as the ones mentioned above can really help your clients come back month after month.

But you don’t only want to fill your bookings with repeat clients, it’s also good to make some room for new ones. You should always expect (and be ready) to have new clients trickle in. 

Make sure to schedule times for targeting marketing efforts, meeting with new clients and signing them up for the services that you offer. You never know when a first-time customer could turn into a loyal patron!

5. Streamline

Once you have done this process and few times, then take some time to reflect on the process and streamline where possible. This could even mean delegating some tasks to employees (if you have them) or social media automation. 

You could perhaps schedule a biweekly or bimonthly time on your calendar to sit down and revise systems to make them work better for your business. Staying up to date with the latest technology and marketing tactics is always useful to improve your bookings.

If you’re still uncertain about marketing your services, we offer an online course that can make it easier to navigate. Marketing is vital to letting customers know about your latest promotions and incentivizing people to sign up for your programs.

Businesses always have their ups and downs. So don’t be discouraged if it appears that something’s not working for you. Re-evaluating your business’s methods and persevering through will eventually lead you to success. 

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