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Welcome to your personal massage therapy business resource page. Do you need a toolkit of professional services to get started on your business adventure? Never fear, everything you need is right here!

All of the suggested services, books and tools mentioned below are brands we use and trust. Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions. Many of the links below are affiliate links, and we will receive a small commission at no costs to you if you choose to purchase one.

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Do you feel lost when it comes to cyberspace. Don’t worry, you don’t have to feel intimidated anymore. Start Massage Biz is here to help. Check out our Website 101 video and blog post to gentle guide the way. 

Creative Your Beautiful Website at!

If you have absolutely no idea how to build a website, then Wix is for you!  Wix has a very easy drop and drag editor that makes creating a website easy-breezy. Wix keeps up with the latest trends, themes and applications, so you internet presence stays modern and fresh. You can registerer your domain for free with Wix’s Pro account.


Square is our favorite one stop shop for running a business. Square has lots of important functionalities including: appointments, point of sale, invoices, gift cards, registers, inventory, reporting, email campaigns, and payroll.


Online marketing
Let's face it: if you run a business, you need email marketing. That's why we recommend Benchmark Email. With an user-friendly, Web-based set of tools, you can send out emails and newsletters, create an online archive, post your newsletter to your blog and more. Send campaigns and track them in real time. Sign up for a free trial


Fiverr is a online platform to bring freelancers and buyers together. There are so many different types of freelancers providing all sorts of services: from website help, email marketing, to social media management. Massage therapists and bodyworkers creating or re-branding their business can easily and cheaply have a logo or website created that fits their needs.


We use Canva almost everyday, here at Start Massage Biz. Canva is quick and easy way to create any graphics you may need in your business. Whether it’s a logo, website, presentation or social medial posts, Canva’s easy drag and drop editor makes graphics simple. Canva also provides tons of free and premium photos, icons and animated extras. You can get started with Canva for free, but we highly recommend their pro account. 


This book is a classic in the business and personal development genres. Everyone knows this book, because it was the first to address the entrepreneurial mindset. Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich inspired a generation to greater heights by reveling the real secret to riches. If you’re an budding entrepreneur you need to read this book!

Are you ready to do the spiritual work to correct your relationship with money? Then dive on it to Kate Northrup’s Money: a Love Story. This New York Time’s best-seller will help you change your fundamental beliefs about money. When you change your thoughts about money, your behavior shortly follows.

As a new entrepreneur you will soon learn that making money is not the same thing as keeping money. As soon as you start making the big bucks, you also start spending the big bucks. Hint: it’s not your fault, it’s just human nature. In Profit First, Micheal Michalowicz breaks down the difference between revenue and profit. He teaches you how to trick yourself into keeping the most profit in your business. He shlow you how to systemized your spending to save your hard earned bucks!

Does saving for retirement seem like an insurmountable task? Let Tony Robbins, the world’s most famous life and business coach, break it down for you in Money Master the Game! What I love about this book: Tony gives you the cold hard truth about the monstrous world of investment trading, and how the beat the game!