Cash Flow in a Crisis: The Bodyworker’s Guide to Thrive


The wellness industry has been turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic.
Hi there, I’m Jaden Rose. I am a massage therapist & Reiki Master living in California.

Jaden Rose Walker, CMT, RMT

After three months of not working, we were only allowed to work for a month before our industry was closed down again!
If you are used to only providing in-person services, then this seems like the kiss of death for your business.
You may be thinking, now is the time to pivot my business ASAP!
And you’re right. Now is the time to create cash flow in your business without in-person services.
If you want to discover five ways to pivot your bodywork practice and continue to serve your clients virtually, then check out Start Massage Biz’s ebook: Cashflow in a Criss: The Bodyworker’s Guide to Thrive.
In this 47 page ebook, you will learn 5 different models of cash flow that you can start now with NO extra training, NO switching careers, and NO huge payments including:
⭐pre-selling services
⭐ physical products
⭐ virtual services
⭐ virtual products and
⭐ affiliate marketing
✅ the pros and cons of each cash flow model so that you can pick the right one for you (page 4)
✅ why redeeming money for pre-paid services can get you in big trouble in you’re not careful (page 7)
✅ why offering physical products is actually a service you provide (page 12)
✅ 10 examples of virtual services you can provide your clients now without additional training (page 21)
✅ how to start small for an immediate revenue stream, if you decide to create a virtual product like an ebook or course (page 28)
✅ how to sprinkle in affiliate marketing into any other offer you make (page 32)
✅ get timeless marketing advice that will help you no matter which cash flow model you choose (page 37)
✅ receive fill-in-the-blank scripts for your sales pitches (page 40)




Never fear, because we would never want you to be unhappy. If you don’t like your book for any reason, we will happily return 100% of your money for the first 14 days after your purchase.


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