Offering Discounts without Loosing Profit

Offer Discounts without Loosing Profit

Most gurus in the massage & bodywork industry tell you the same thing. Don’t dispense with discounts.

“Charge your full worth.”

What does that even mean?

Today we’re going to talk about why giving discounts is important and the right way to dispense with discounts.

First, discounts make people feel good. Everyone wants a good deal. Even if you are giving a 5% or 10% discount, it makes people feel like they are scoring big time.

Discounts make your customers feel cared for and like they are important. Not only can you give discounts during the holidays, but you can also give discounts to certain people like seniors, students, teachers or first responders.

Second, discounts can help people make the decision to buy. Usually discounts come with deadlines. Creating a deadline gives your clients a sense of urgency.

People need to be urged to make decisions. In reality, you are doing your client a favor. By setting a deadline on a discount, you giving them a timeline for making a final decision.

I believe and teach that you should use discounts as they are intended, to drive sells.

Some other business gurus don’t teach it, because they don’t know the formula for profit or discounts. 

It’s not hard to both earn the income you truly desire AND offer discounts to your clients. You just have to do simple math. You need to know the formulas.

Soon, I will be announcing our new program the “Massage & Bodywork Business Accelerator” were you can learn how to offer discounts without breaking the bank.

In this course there is a special module on business finances where you will learn my “Pinpoint Your Pricing Method”. This method will teach you how to pay your expenses, add profit to your pocket AND offer discounts that drive sells.

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