How to Keep a Positive Mindset Geared Towards Success

Moving Forward: How to Keep a Positive Mindset Geared Towards Success

With the current global situation, the massage therapy industry seems a bit bleak right now. So it can be hard to maintain a positive mindset moving forward:.

Unfortunately, for those who have reopened, clients are not flowing in at the same frequency that they used to.

Additionally, the massage therapists that have reopened shop now have extra expenses that they need to take care of. This is because of the current obligation to run our businesses with the prevailing hygiene and protective gear concerns in mind. 

Although some bodyworkers are starting to open their doors again, several states are remaining closed. Many of us are waiting for permission to reopen as bills keep piling up.

What Can We Do?

With all these uncertain aspects regarding the bodywork industry, it’s essential to find ways to stay in good spirits. 

This week, we’re covering some ways that you can maintain a positive mindset and stay geared towards success despite the complications you may face during this time.

Here are 3 tips that will help you have a positive mindset about your massage therapy business moving forward:

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1. Stop Making Assumptions

Don’t make or follow through with any assumptions that you might be having. Whether it’s about the current state of the economy or your clients’ finances, using assumptions to guide you is not helpful.

Some massage therapists may think they’ll need to give their clients further discounts because:

● The economy will be facing a recession.

● Or they think their clients will not have the financial resources to pay the usual rates. 

However, this is not necessarily a sound basis for lowering your charges: 

Firstly, in an interview with Wharton, Alan Greenspan explains that the US government has injected a lot of cash into the marketplace:

So we might actually expect inflation or an overall increase of pricing across the board. In this case, you certainly would not want to be reducing your rates or putting yourself out by giving too many discounts.

As Greenspan states in his interview, “If you print a lot of money, you will get higher prices.”

Secondly, many of your customers have most likely been able to: 

● Work from home during this time

● Collect unemployment compensation

● And get stimulus checks on top of this! 

While it may be the case that some of your clients have lost money, this isn’t necessarily the situation for all of them. You shouldn’t assume that everyone needs a discount.

There are other ways that you can give back to your community. For example, you could give away a free massage to an essential worker through a nomination program.

2. Keep Up with Your Health, Diet and Exercise

Maintaining a positive mindset stems from health. So up-keeping your physical health can directly correspond to your overall positivity and motivation.


If you have some extra time, you should focus it on continuing to take care of yourself so that you can feel prepared to take on the world.


Feed yourself nutrient-dense foods and keep up with your exercise program.


Good food leads to good feelings. Sugary and other unhealthy foods can lead to a sugar crash and unwanted negative emotions.


Additionally, regular exercise helps sweat out all the stress and creates feel-good endorphins to uplift your mood. And with so many no-equipment work out videos on YouTube, you’ll be able to exercise from the comfort of your home or whenever you’re free.

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3. Focus On What You Can Control

Right now, there’s a lot that we cannot control. But instead of feeling upset that clients are not coming in as frequently as before, use this time to focus on what you have power over. 

We can’t let ourselves worry about what we can’t change.

Many people want to avoid close proximity right now for fear spreading illness. To reassure your clients, personally reach out to them and ask what you could do to make them feel better about coming in.

Once you hear your clients’ concerns, you can discover ways to make them feel safer. Then, you can inform them about the new hygiene procedures you are adopting. This way, you can increase the probability of them booking an appointment soon.

Additionally, you could take the extra time to learn about branding and marketing. How you present your business is absolutely something that you have control over. 

If you’d like to learn how to effectively manage your branding and marketing, feel free to check out our online courses!

In Conclusion

Maintaining positivity during difficult times isn’t always easy. But it’s crucial to focus our energy towards solving the issues at hand rather than letting the uncontrollable state of the world govern us. 

By staying healthy, focusing on what you can control, and not making assumptions about the world, we can all get through this.

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