Is it time to rebrand your massage & bodywork business

Is It Time to Rebrand Your Business?

You already have your massage therapy business up and running. Your branding and marketing strategies have already been established. 

But how can you tell when things are going well versus when it’s time to start rebranding? 

The following article will help you to determine whether or not it’s in your best interests to change your business focus to a new one. Here are the signs that it’s time for a change:

You Want to Change Your Skillset

As a massage therapist, there are several different options for you to pursue. If you’re interested in becoming a specialist or expert in a particular massage modality, you may want to consider rebranding soon.

Niching down with your skillset means that you can (and should) alter your branding to convey better the services you offer to the clientele that need said services. 

As you become more adept at different types of massage modality, the people who want the services that you specialize in will get more specific. 

This leads to the following reason to start rebranding:

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You Want to Change Your Target Audience

Perhaps you’re looking for a way to change your clientele from low-end to high-end clients. Or maybe you’re looking to move from being a regular massage therapy business to one that targets only a specific demographic, such as pregnant women who want massages.

If you’re getting a better sense of the clients you want to attract, it may be time to rebrand to draw them in. 

Having more niched down skills means that you can charge higher ticket prices for your services. Your new target audience is going to be people who need or want those specialized services that you offer. So it’s essential to think of how rebranding can help you make these necessary changes to your business.

You Want to Make Your Office More Professional

You may be wanting to change the look of your office to create a more professional atmosphere. 

It could be time to change your look to make sure you’re keeping up with the latest and greatest of the massage therapy industry. 

Refreshing the look of your massage therapy office is essential if you feel like the way it looks now isn’t attracting the clients that you want. 

Alternatively, maybe the interior of your office is okay, but your location isn’t close enough to your ideal client. 

Make sure you’re listening to yourself about how rebranding can make significant improvements in how you and clients perceive your massage therapy business.

Moreover, the office isn’t the only thing that you may feel like you need to change. Perhaps the layout of your office serves you well, but you’re unhappy with your logo:

choosing a logo

You Feel Like Your Brand’s Logo, Color or Tone Isn’t Suiting You

Maybe since making your massage therapy brand, you’ve done a bit of research into color psychology. Perhaps you want to switch up some colors that you used for your branding. Or maybe you want to start again with a completely new brand logo because you’re sick of the old one. 

Perhaps you want to change the tone of your brand after realizing that a new tone could attract more of your target clientele. 

If you sense that it is necessary to make any of these changes to your business, it is undoubtedly time to rebrand.

You Feel Burnt Out

On one front, burning out is about not taking care of your needs properly. On another, it is ignoring all the telling signs that it’s time to make a change to your branding.

If you’ve been feeling burnt out lately, it’s probably time for an overall fresh start. It’s time to take a look at your clients and figure out what they need. You should examine the signs for what you have to change and consider what your target audience is looking for.

And last but not least:

Show Me the Money

One of the most prominent signs that it’s time for a rebrand is if you’re not making money. This means that something isn’t working. And you must make changes to your marketing model to remedy this.

In Conclusion

Adjust with the industry as it evolves and try to stay at the forefront of massage therapy. Change is an inevitable aspect of life within and outside of your business. So it’s okay if you need to alter the way that you do things.

Don’t be scared to make changes to your branding. As you become more of an expert in your skillsets, you can rebrand to target specific clients that need services in your niche.

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We look forward to serving you, 

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