How to Write an Amazing Biography

How to Write an Amazing Biography

As a wellness practitioner, you have probably needed to write a biography for your website or brochure. From a marketing standpoint, you’ll want to make sure that this positively reflects your business. By writing (or revising) a business biography, you’ll create a lasting impression on people who find your site.

Getting involved in a new event, project, or just want to brush up on your bio to really make your website shine? Here are 5 useful tips on how to write an amazing one.

1. Tell a Story

Start at the beginning. Often times, customers love it when you give them the inside scoop on how your business came into being.

Tell your future clients the where, when, and background of when you first became interested in your modality and decided to start your wellness practice. Were you were learning about your craft as a client before getting into things professionally? If so, that could be an inspiring detail to share!

You might also share how your healing modality has helped you and the reasons why you are passionate about it. People love to hear why you’re running your business and get to know who they’re supporting by being a customer. So it’s a great thing to have your story up on the site!

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2. Get a Little Personal

In addition to telling your story, fun factoids about you make you relatable. Plus, they increase likability even more! Some little tidbits that can help make your potential clients feel closer to you are the following:

● What city do you live in?

● Do you have family or pets?

● What’s your favorite food?

● What are your favorite pastimes?

● Etc.


Getting personal helps customers see that they’re supporting a real person when they come to your wellness practice rather than feeding into a faceless corporation.

(Note: For the sake of privacy, do avoid giving answers to standard security questions like place of birth, the high school you graduated from, first pet’s name, make and model of your first car, mother’s maiden name, and so forth.)

3. Bullet-Point Your Education & Experience

Of course, you will want to highlight your education and experience. Showing your qualifications will help make potential clients feel more secure in choosing your wellness practice over another.


But often, people won’t want to dig through thick paragraphs of information to discover your qualifications.


The good news is, it’s easy to take advantage of list functions and white space to ensure that your merits stand out. Make each of your certifications, degrees, and so on visible in bullet points, so it’s easy for anyone casually browsing your site to read.

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4. Present The Invitation

Now it’s time for the most crucial part of your website’s biography. You want to present an invitation and call to action (CTA) that’ll lead people to choose your business. People like it when it’s easy for them to purchase the services that they need.


When writing your invitation, you’ll want to get specific on answering the following two questions:


● How can you serve this new potential client?

● What benefits can they see from your work?


Once you’ve shown how you can assist your target audience, you should include a call of action at the bottom. You might say something such as, “schedule a discovery service today.” And if you’d like, you can even include a link or a how-to-schedule description to make the process even easier for your potential customer.

5. The Long and Short of It

Once you have an extended version of your biography, you can also rewrite an abbreviated version of your bio. Both options can be useful for encapsulating your wellness practice in different scenarios.


For instance, you might use the long one for your website and the short for a brochure. Plus, by doing this, if someone else needs a bio from you for any reason, you will have both options ready for them.


When you write a long-form biography, it should be 4-5 paragraphs and about a page long. However, the shorter one only needs to be around 4-5 sentences in a single paragraph form.


Writing your own biography for your website is a great way to get potential customers interested in your practice and gain their trust. Remember, once you’ve written your biography, you’ll also want to proofread it and edit it for clarity. If you feel like you need some extra help, you can always reach out to a professional or friend you trust to help you perfect the final draft. Start Massage Biz has used the help of professionals at for both proofreading, content and copy writing.

If you’d like to learn more about marketing, feel free to check out more of the resources on our blog or our business courses for in-depth learning about effective marketing! We can’t wait to see the great business biographies that you’re going to write.

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