How to Nail Your Business Vision for 2021

How to Nail Your Business Vision for 2021

Happy New Year! The beginning of the new year is a great time to evaluate the vision that you have for your business. With the dark and cold time of contemplation that winter presents, now is an excellent time to be less social and turn inward. Winter is a time of reflection before rebirth in spring.

Moreover, who doesn’t love setting New Year’s goals? If you’re excited to create a business vision for 2021 that will help you achieve your dreams, you won’t want to miss this.

1. Get Clear on Your Vision

To be clear, a vision is different from a goal. Your business vision is more about your ultimate career goals. In contrast, business goals tend to be smaller and more immediate milestones to attain.

For instance, your vision for your career may include:

● Being a leader in your industry

● Opening a wellness business with employees

● Speaking at conferences

● Or even writing books.


Out of your overarching vision, you can create smaller goals that help take you closer to getting there.

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2. Set Goals

Goals are shorter-term than visions, and they are more results-oriented. They require more specificity in time. And they are things that you’ll want to break down into smaller tasks so that you can track progress.


While visions are often general things you want to accomplish, goals should always be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound (S.M.A.R.T.). You want to know that you can access the tools you need to accomplish the task, whether you’ll be reaching out to others or finding resources on the internet. It is also essential to give yourself deadlines to help drive you forward to achieving things.


For instance, you might set a goal to publish your first book about your wellness expertise by December 1, 2022, which is time-bound and specific. You have well-versed knowledge of the information that you’re going to write about in the book. And you have access to a computer to type it out and do further research, so it’s realistic and attainable to complete. To accomplish your goal, you’ll need to break the process down into smaller tasks.

3. Create Tasks

Individual tasks are the work or action you need to take to achieve a goal. Suppose we’re sticking with the example in the previous section, which is to publish a book by December 1, 2022. In that case, your tasks could include the following:


● Researching your topic

● Structuring an outline

● Creating a rough draft

● Writing 2nd, then final draft

● Deciding whether to send the document to a book publisher or to self-publish.


While it’s crucial to break goals into smaller steps like this, you’ll also want to find out how you might accomplish each step. It’s easy to feel like you’ve stopped moving forward when you’re not sure how to go about completing your tasks.


If you feel stuck, it just means that you have not broken down your task into small enough actionable steps. For instance, the task of sending a book to a publisher might need to include sub-tasks such as:


● Researching publishers that accept works in your niche

● Picking a top 3 publishers to apply to

● Applying to publisher #1

● Apply to publisher #2

● Apply to publisher #3. And so on.

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4. Cultivate Good Habits

Often, people don’t see their goals through to completion because there is no action plan. In order to keep things on schedule, you have to create a slot of time for these goals to get done daily.


Exercise your habit muscle by getting out your calendar and scheduling time to get your tasks done. Continuing with the specific example of writing a book, you’d need to create time and space for the act of writing and publishing the book to ensure that you actually get the work done.


So the habit of accomplishing your tasks that you’d write down and start acting on could be “every weekday I will spend 1 hour getting my first book published”. Make sure to mention the time and space you will be doing this. For instance, “Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 9:00 am at my kitchen table.”

5. Make Your Dreams a Reality

Often, people don’t stick with the New Year’s goals that they’ve set for themselves. It takes consistency and commitment to keep things up. But by breaking down overarching visions into goals, tasks, and beneficial habits, you can nail your 2021 business vision. We can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish!

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