How Often Should You Communicate With Clients?

How Often Should You Communicate With Clients?

In this modern age, endless notifications bombard people. That said, communication with your clients is crucial to your business. Staying at the forefront of people’s minds through your newsletter or other promotions is good for business. 

However, you still want to be respectful towards people’s inboxes and not contribute to unwanted spam. Otherwise, your potential customers may wish to unsubscribe from your marketing.

So, how often should you communicate with clients? And what tools can you use to make sure that you don’t drive customers away with too much communication? 

Check out the below tips to become a pro at communicating with clients.

1. Make Friends With Your Calendar

When coming up with an email marketing plan, calendars are your friend. 

Whether you prefer a virtual timeline or a physical paper planner, get used to scheduling the entire year in advance. There are all kinds of planning tools to support your preference.

Scheduling your marketing will allow you to see patterns throughout the year in your promotions and revenue cycles. In looking for patterns, you may find places where can add or reschedule a promotion so that your revenue is coming in regularly.

schedule parallel to promotions

2. Schedule Parallel to Promotions

Additionally, you might have a business model that utilizes seasonal promotions. If so, you can make sure your emails and social media communications coincide with your sales. 

Schedule your marketing communications for the before, during, and end of any special (or holiday-related) sales periods. 

For instance, if you have a Valentine’s Day sale, you can mention the upcoming sale as early as January. Doing so will remind your clients to save up for the expense. 

Then, announce the beginning of a two-week sale on February 1st. Finally, wish them Happy Valentine’s Day remind them the sale ends at midnight on February, 14th! 

3. Know Your Numbers

I’ve often found when encouraging clients to sign up for my newsletter, the natural next question was: “How often do you send out your newsletter?”

My standard answer was “every two to six weeks”. 

I often used my email list to promote sales. During the holidays, they would get three emails every two-weeks. But during the summer and vacation time, they would not get an email for 6 weeks.

Typically, I suggest to email no more than once a week and no less than every three months.

4. Consider The Monthly Newsletter

Many business owners like to send out a monthly email or newsletter. This is great if your business model relies on a repeated membership. Monthly emails remind members to make sure they take full advantage of their subscription.

A monthly promotion cycle and newsletter also works great for businesses that offer many types of services. 

For instance, if you work at a day spa with massage, skin, and hair services, you can have different promotions throughout the year for each service. That way, you are equally promoting your offerings.

5. What About Social Media?

Usually, the people that follow you on social media are willing to accept more engagement. 

Some businesses will post as much as once (or multiple times) a day on social. Others will only upload as often as they send out their weekly, monthly, or seasonal mailing list email.

Figure out your ideal promotional pattern. Once you’ve established it, you can use your calendar or social media schedulers to keep the communication consistent. 

No, you don’t have to post all that much on social media. It can be a powerful and free marketing tool. But having a presence on social media is more important than how frequently you post. 

Additionally, making sure that your website and phone number are available to clients is most important. Also, include lovely photos of your business on your social media pages.  If possible, include customer testimonials on your page.

If you engage with your audience on multiple platforms, ensure that your branding is as consistent and apparent as possible. For instance, if you have a business logo, you want people to know you by, make it your display picture on every profile you create

email is key

Email is Key

The goal is always to move your leads and current clients to your email list because this is a form of communication that you control. 

Social Media companies are notorious for changing the rules and making it harder to get to clients without advertising fees involved. So they’re certainly not the most reliable marketing tool. 

However, make sure to post about your newsletter on your social profiles. And, more importantly, offer a link on your social media pages so that people can sign up for your mailing list. At Start Massage Biz, we use Benchmark for our weekly emails to our audience. Get started with Benchmark for free by clicking here.

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