How Much Money Can You Really Make as a Massage Therapist

How Much Money Can You Really Make as a Massage Therapist?

Are you looking into carving out a place for yourself in the massage therapy industry? Trying to discover how much you can make as a bodyworker? Or are you under-charging for your services and haven’t yet figured out your full money-making potential?

The massage therapy industry is a growing field. And it’s expected to be 24% larger in 2026, whereas other professions are only expected to grow by 7% in the same period. 

As massages move further into a commonly-accepted practice as a method to deal with physical and mental ailments, the demand for them is steadily increasing. 

Getting into the massage therapy industry as soon as possible helps you secure a well-paying practice before the occupation starts bustling with even more competition!

That said, all of this leads us to the crucial question that brings you here today:

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How Much Money Can You Really Make as a Massage Therapist?

Let’s get into some statistics that will help you figure out your potential salary as a bodyworker. What is the Average Salary of a Massage Therapist? Your bodywork niche, your experience level, and even the convenience of your location are all factors that can impact how much customers pay you. While the average yearly massage therapist salary is $41, 420, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the top 10% are earning more than $73,870 each year. Additionally, the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) discloses an industry face sheet each year. Here is what AMTA reported regarding the massage therapy industry:
  • The median annual massage therapist income was about $25,810, including tips.
  • Bodyworkers worked 26.6 hours per week, which was an increase from 2017 when the average was 24.2 hours a week.
  • On average, massage therapists were charging $72.23 per hour. Whereas in 2015, they were charging on average $71.64.
  • 74% of massage therapists are sole practitioners. Although there are several other options for work.
  • 42% of bodyworkers shared that they wanted more work hours.
Now that you know the statistical facts, let’s get into some calculations that will help you predict your potential pay as a massage therapist.

Let’s Do The Math:

Are you curious about how many clients you need to line up each week to achieve $100,000k a year? Ready to find out how much you’d have to charge each week or per massage to ensure a steady income without overworking yourself?

Take a look at this helpful spreadsheet for some further details behind these calculations:

The average price of a massage is $72.23. You can shift how much you charge, depending on how niched you are in any particular modalities. Or you can increase your rates based off of the overall demand for your location and services.

But if you are charging the average ($72.23), you’d need to have at least 5.5 hours worth of massaging clients a day for 5 days a week. Overall, this would constitute 50 weeks a year and would allow you to make $100,000k a year.

That’s about 27.5 hours of massage a week. If you were doing this, you’d have a completely full schedule every day with 5-6 sixty-minute massages to give!

That’s not a manageable number to accomplish or perform.

The truth of the matter is this:

If you’d like to work less time, you need to increase your rate.

For example, if you only wanted to massage 20 hours a week, that would mean you have 4 clients a day 5 days a week. To accrue the same salary of 100,000k a year, you’d need to charge $100 an hour.

However, if you do that, your schedule wouldn’t be full enough. And you’d not be charging enough to earn $100,000k a year at a fair pace.

It’s essential to learn how to make your schedule both full and comfortable, as well as charge what you’re worth.

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