Become a Marketing Jedi Master

Become a Marketing Jedi Master

e’ve all seen the Star Wars movie series, right?

Do you remember in the beginning of “A New Hope” when you first meet Luke Skywalker? He pretty much hates his life as a farmer on the dessert planet of Tatooine.

Remember that famous scene where he looks longingly at the double sunsets wishing to get the heck-off that planet? Little did he know that he would become a Jedi Master and fight in the Galactic Rebellion.

But in order to become a Jedi Master, Luke would first need to train from other Jedi Masters. First, he trained with Obi Wan and then his teacher’s teacher, Yoda.

Just like Luke Skywalker, I also had to train with masters.

In my case, when I had difficulty getting clients through my door or making the income I wanted in my business, I learned from business and marketing masters.

And I’m sure you remember the famous scene in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back where Yoda is training Luke on Dagobah. He’s making him run through the swamp, balance rocks with his mind while balancing himself in a one-arm hand stand. You know the one.

Yoda ask Luke to lift the X-wing out of the swamp using the force, Luke gives it a half try and whines “that’s impossible.”

Yoda gives the famous line, “do or do not do, there is no try.”

Sometimes, there are things we know we need to do in our business. Things like:

  • ask for the sell
  • raise your rates
  • niche down your services

But you’re afraid to do them, because you don’t have a teacher that has gone before you to show you what is possible and how easy it truly can be.

We get in our own way. We self-sabotage through procrastination and making things too complicated.

But with a teacher helping you, you can get the help you need and be held accountable for making the changes you need to in your business.

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