All About Client Communication_ Social Media,Email List, & Signs

All About Client Communication: Social Media, Email List, & Signs

Communication through social media, your email list, and signs around your shop is a crucial ingredient for success in business. It helps turn potential sales leads to full-on customers. And if you do it right, you might even convert first-time clients into happy, long-term customers! 

You may not yet have given much thought into communication techniques for your business. Or maybe you aren’t entirely sure how to employ one or more of these. But you’re going to be confident to start communicating with your clients by the end of this article!

So, using social media, your email list, and signs, how can you help your clients along the journey from being a sales lead to a long-term client?

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Social Media

Social media is an excellent score for prospective leads. It’s a great place to project your brand image and create consistent content to raise brand awareness. 

Using many different channels of social media can be overwhelming. So it’s best to concentrate on having a presence on just one or two of your favorite platforms. Depending on the platforms that you use, you may even be able to automate posts for the week or month to save effort. 

Also, make sure that your social media posts fit into the character limit of the platform that you’re on. Most people won’t click to read all the hidden words on super long posts. Keep them short and sweet.

Posting informational articles that are related to your business, photos, quotes, and even customer testimonials all add to your business’s brand loyalty. 

Additionally, posting any discounts that you have going on (when available) is a great way to get the word out and raise customer traffic to your practice.

With the things that you post on social media, you’ll want to try and move potential clients to your email list. 

Your Email List

Ideally, you should try to get most of your leads and clients to sign up to your mailing list. Social media is not always enough to effectively communicate and draw in clients. 

Therefore, your email list is essential for communication with clients and marketing your business. 

Not yet convinced about the power of your email list? Think of it this way:

You can not control platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But your customers’ email addresses are sacred. This information gives you direct access to your customers, so you can reach out to them anytime. It is much easier to sell to a current client (who trusts you enough to give you their email) rather than trying to pursue a potential lead.

Having a mailing list makes it so easy to send out an email blast about your desirable offer and score big! 

Email is also essential in order to provide excellent client care. Make sure to email your clients every time for: 

● Appointment confirmation

● Appointment reminders

● Satisfaction surveys

● Thanking them for their involvement with your business.

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Okay, don’t overdo it. But I am a huge fan of signs! 

Using signs in your business helps direct your clients to your desired outcome. So they can read the signs and follow the instructions without you having to tell them anything!

There are so many different uses for signs. If you’re not sure which signs you might like to use around your business, consider other businesses you’ve been to. How do they use signs around their store? 

You’ve probably subconsciously noted that most businesses have a tip jar or some sort of reminder to tip. That could be a great sign to include in your shop. Or if you’re still drawing blanks in considering which ones to use in your business, here is a list of the kinds of signs that you should use:

● Remind your clients not to be late or cancel without notice. 

● Remind your clients to tip in cash. 

● Remind your clients to sign up for your email list and to fill out a satisfaction survey. 

Of course, these are just a few examples. If you notice any other desired actions that you’d like your customers to start completing or have anything else you need to communicate, put up more signs! They’re a great way to help your client through the process with ease.

In Conclusion

Client communication through the above venues is a huge part of running a successful business. But another part of that is making sure that you communicate with a consistent brand voice (especially in your social media, articles, and emails).


If you’d like to learn more about branding or marketing, we offer online courses on each of those subjects. Knowing how to do these things right can seriously improve the turnout of your business. Feel free to check out more about these courses if you’re interested!

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